Grandads Winning Picture 2012

You would have thought that with 13 grandchildren that choosing the best picture from a Web Site that I run for them would be difficult ? ..well ordinarily you would be right ….but one picture I took this year made the decision so easy … is the story

Grandad had taken two of his grandsons for a walk ….first we went to the park , things went so well that grandad decided to spruce it up a bit !! like grandads do !!

Opposite the park is a narrow overgrown lane that leads down to a lake …grandad using his imagination called the lane WOLF LANE ….of course grandad knew full well that there were no wolves ….and even if there were grandad was sure he could run faster than the two little boys :):) well that’s what I told them !!!

Having made it down WOLF LANE ….we came to the lake grandad had renamed CROCODILE LAKE ……well the little boys by this time were getting just a little scared …..not as scared as grandad mind you ….I was believing my own story by this stage !! Poor grandad :(:(

Sitting by the lake we spent a few minutes looking for CROCODILES ….or course every ripple on the waters surface grandad would say “there’s a crocodile ” !!! …..being little boys they believed every word !! ……even grandad was in the running position !!

Then a wonderful moment happened …..and a wonderful moment it was…in fact it still makes my hair stand on end even now ….

Spencer put his arm around his little cousin and told him ….” Don’t worry Kenzo I won’t let them get you ” …….it was so sweet , they sat like that for what seemed an eternity ….well long enough for grandad to get his camera out …….and here is the picture ……


This picture and what happened that day made everything I do worth while xx



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