About Me:The Refugee From Facebook

About Granalacantluton

My name is Ian Robertson a father of six and Grandfather of ten ..yep that’s right ten!!!!!!!…..why write a blog? well over the last year i have become disconcerted with Facebook for several reasons …most of the reasons would not surprise any of you i’m sure so i will not bore you with them here …..i loved updating my Facebook though with pictures and updates of my Grandchildren so here we are ….Granalcantluton’s Blog

Oh and why Granalacantluton ? well i own a property in Gran Alacant in Spain where i love getting involved with the local community ….and the Luton bit comes from me supporting Luton Town for 46 years ,well someone has to!!

The Main Players

Most of my blogs i’m sure will be about my Grandchildren but other topics will arise from time below are the main players …..starting with myself

Ian Robertson (Granalacantluton)

Ok below we have a picture of Max my eldest Grandson,taken with his mummy last year in Spain ….his Mummy hates this picture and asked me never to post it anywhere so true to form Grandad has taken no notice at all.

Mummy and Max (The Chavs)

Below is a picture of Maisie my eldest Grandaughter and sister too Max ….Maisie is highly intelligent and will be the best at everything (her Mummy says so)

Maisie my Grandaughter

Below we have a picture of Callum my grandson who i have no doubt will play for England ..

Callum (twinlkle toe's)

And next we have Donovan….a budding Elvis by the looks of this Photograph and Liverpool supporter.

Donovan..was a Chelsea supporter now Liverpool ...lol

Next we have Cody …a cute and very cheeky little boy who for some reason has eaten his bed !!!

Cody the bed eater

Next we have Rhuban now in the picture below his in the bathroom sink not sure why really but who am i to ask ? lol

Rhuban in the sink ?

And next we have Kenzo another lovely little boy who Grandad has spent a lot of time with.


Well next we have Xavier with his lovely curls and his ability to suck a mobile phone dry …well it saves the remote.

The Mobile Sucker

The next one is Spencer and this photograph i love …it’s taken outside Luton Town hall

Spencer home at last

And last but not least we have Freya my youngest Grandchild ….you may hear more about her because she lives mant miles away and we miss her.

Freya going for a run

So there you go.. and here i am ….i hope you enjoy my blog and the way that Grandad sees it……..

One comment on “About Me:The Refugee From Facebook

  1. love this blog! i dont mind the chav picture anymore – maisie says her hair looks a mess, callum looks sooooo professional in that pic and DJ looks cool, still cant believe cody ate his bed soooo funny, rhuban and kenzo and xavier all are soooo beautiful (obv not got damiens looks but aunty dianes) and spencer looks majestic outside the town hall, freya been for a work out?

    Diane (actually born in LUTON) thanks dad for that but i suppose better than being born in watford. just.

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