9 comments on “A Night On The Tiles For Freya

  1. Freya loved spending time with you both and asked when she is seeing you again. She is very lucky to have wonderful grandparents. However back to sleeping 7-7, infact she slept till 8:30 this morning as someone must of wore her out……. GRANDAD!!!!! XXXX

    • Corinne you words mean so much…as we were waiting last night to drive off and you were stood by the roadside Jenny told me to go and give Freya one last hug before we drove off….i looked across but i was frozen in the car seat ….i could not move …the moment was so sad xxx

      • I know exactly how you feel. My parents live over 300 miles away and it’s very sad when we have to say goodbye after a visit. I always feel REALLY guilty for moving so far away with their grandchildren, too. Visits are always bittersweet.

  2. Your love for your grandchildren is self evident and your style of writing fresh and new keep bogging please
    Julie x

  3. You know you probably made life harder for her parents, right? My mom is notorious for getting the kids off their schedule and then leaving it to me to get them back on it!

    She’s adorable with those bright eyes and smile. 🙂

  4. Hi Momfog …..mummy has posted a reply above (corinne) and your not wrong lol…but they soon had her back into routine …..she lives over one hundred miles away and we drove back last night broken hearted as you can imagine…..she is so sweet and such lovely parents xx

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