7 comments on “Little Shiny Star

  1. So precious a moment. I remember all my children and their little school plays and my oldest is 42 now. Maisie is wonderful, congratulations on being Granddad to a little star..M

  2. awwww what a cute video i remember it so well but maisie looks so little – she is now EVEN beter as her latest performance in ‘Bang goes the pop star’ proved to her mummy last week – with a solo performance of ‘don’t stop believin” a very famous song – a most recent hit in ‘glee’ one of mummy and maisies favourites….

    i do agree she IS more talented as she can also dance and as of last week is now also Grade 2 qualifyed in Classical Ballet (any donations towards her drama and dance school gratefully recieved/scholarships also welcome) as she is not only talented in performance but also very very clever and academic in every way, kind, caring, beautiful, confident AND best hair ever!!

    Ps any science scholarships send to my son who is going to change the world with an invention (maybe a sit on Wii)

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