2 comments on “Has Positive Discrimination Gone Mad

  1. Being an atheist, I feel I’m not the right sort of person to comment, but I’ll try.

    I think a loving home is more important. A child will grow and as an adult make up their own minds about issues.

    Mind you, I do wonder what would happen if the child turned out to be homosexual – how would this couple cope with that? How would the child cope with accepting their own sexuality if they had been raised it was not acceptable?

    So as you can see – I am of two minds about it. On balance though, there are SO MANY children in need of love and care I think I’d overlook the intolerance and give a child a warm bed.

    • Great reply….with two good points of view (both valid) the trouble is both views are not respected …..hence my positive dicrimination heading
      Thanks for the reply team Oyeniyi

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