8 comments on “How Grandad Sees It

  1. Well i no where to bring my daughter when she is a stoppy teen and takes no notice of mommy or Daddy. Well don grandad x

      • Have a great time in Spain, look forward to seeing more of your blogging. I have blogged for a while but just for me until now. It is wonderful to ‘meet’ so many lovely people. Marie

  2. As A new Grandad myself I can see that this is a wonderful account of life between grandad and grandchild. Well done Ian. Your grandchildren are beautiful. I miss mine so much already..

    • well thank you Mark …..this blog stuff is new to me …….but i some how feel safer posting my thoughts on here rather than facebook ….this way i can edit comments ect……as i said to you the other day the pull of returning to see your little one will take over a small part of your life ….talk soon i,m sure lol

  3. Thank you Grandad for sorting that out for me, mummy wasn’t listening she kept telling me i need to eat or ill wake her up at night how selfish. I chose to be a good girl this morning and eat all my baby rice in return i got a whole 180ml of milk. love you Freya xxx

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